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5 out of 5 stars based on 153 reviews.

Patient Review By Edith S

Dr. Ruzzo is a caring and skillful physician. He communicates clearly and effectively with his staff and patients. I highly recommend the whole OMSA team. You’ll find them professional attentive, and friendly. We are fortunate to have a stellar practice like this here in our area.

- Edith S

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Patient Review By Valeria R

Dr. Sacco does an amazing job and she is so friendly you are at ease from the very beginning.

- Valeria R

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Patient Review By Amy T

Dr. Ruvo pulled two teeth for me. His expertise and friendly manner made everything easy. All the staff was professional and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Ruvo and team.

- Amy T

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Patient Review By Emily B

It took over a year from the consultation to the procedure to finish the process due to my wariness of potential heart issues. Dr. Ruvo insisted that I see a cardiologist before scheduling my wisdom teeth removal procedure. He was concerned for my well-being and wanted me to wake up from the anesthetics if I took them. I greatly appreciated his attention to detail. Once I figured out I needed to take electrolyte supplements, he called me after seeing the cardiologist's results. He made accommodations for my concerns (for the day of the surgery), and assured me that my cardiology results qualified me for surgery. One year after the consultation, I returned to complete the procedure. He remembered everything about me and it was as if we had talked last week. He talked to me as I fell asleep (under anesthesia) and was incredibly attentive during the conversation, remembering my major and concentration from our previous visit. After the surgery was complete, I was not allowed to leave until he checked in on me and made sure I was feeling ok. I had the surgery at 8:45am, and then he CALLED at 8pm to ask how I was feeling and if my heart had felt any residual affects. This is the most caring and attentive doctor I have ever encountered. I highly recommend him to anyone feeling nervous about this procedure. He is honest, reassuring, and will do everything in his power to give you a good experience. All doctors should aspire to meet this standard.

- Emily B

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Patient Review By Brenda H

Everyone at the Sanford location were extremely nice and helpful. Dr Ruvo explained what he thought was my best treatment without wasting money and got it taken care of with confidence and painless. I definitely would recommend him to everyone. I came all the way from Apex and don’t regret it. His assistant was very helpful in answering my questions and calming me down.

- Brenda H

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Patient Review By Colleen S

I have been so pleased with my whole experience with your office. Thank you to Dr. Ruvo who made me feel so relaxed during the procedure by letting me know what was going on and making sure I was okay. I also appreciated the follow up phone call the night after dental work! Many thanks to Dr.Ruvo and his team!

- Colleen S

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Patient Review By Brett C

I saw Dr. Vandersea for a biopsy on my tongue. I was scared because this was the first pathology check I had ever done. Dr. Vandersea was so patient and kind. He has this relaxed vibe about him that immediately put me at ease about the procedure. And he took the time to answer all my questions honestly. He also has a good sense of humor, which helped to ease the stress of the operation. I felt very cared for during my initial visit, during the surgery, and with followups.

- Brett C

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Patient Review By William F

Dr. Serlo and all the staff were highly qualified and very supportive.

- William F

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Patient Review By John P

We are extremely impressed with all of you. Dr. Serlo is amazing. Not only is he thoughtful, communicative, and kind, but a true professional. I am writing for John, whose comment after the surgery was: "that man has golden hands." So grateful for Dr. S and crew. Happy Holidays.

- John P

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Patient Review By Carl David P

One is in good hands with these folks.

- Carl David P

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Patient Review By Sandi B

I was quite anxious about having my autistic son's wisdom teeth removed. But Dr. Serlo and the entire staff put myself and my son at ease. I'm so glad we didn't put it off. Everything was smooth from the consultation, through the procedure and the follow-up appointment. My son was never in any pain. I highly recommend Dr. Serlo and OMSA!

- Sandi B

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Patient Review By Chris B

Dr. Ruvo is amazing. I felt comfortable from start to finish. I didn't even feel the iv go in, three sentences later, done! No after pain, whatsoever, and he even called to check on me that evening! Best dental experience I have had to date. You have to be referred here, and I cant speak for the other doctors, im sure all of them are great, but my Dr. was amazing!

- Chris B

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Patient Review By Katherine B

Dr. Serlo and his staff made me feel completely comfortable and confident about my procedure. Dr. Serlo recognized my anxiety and took the time explain everything about the process of my procedure and post-op care. I really can't say enough good things about my experience with OMSA, their friendly staff, and Dr. Serlo.

- Katherine B

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Patient Review By Susannah Z

Dr. Vandersea came in on Thanksgiving to see me for an acute issue. He went above and beyond and I really appreciate it.

- Susannah Z

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Patient Review By Beverly B

Dr. Serlo and staff were very kind and patient.

- Beverly B

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Patient Review By yolanda g

My family have used the services of OMSA several times and have always been completely satisfied with the care and treatment we have received from all staff members.

- yolanda g

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Patient Review By William F

Let’s be honest: Most people don’t really want to have to see an oral surgeon. It really helps that Dr. Ruvo and his team are very professional, but are also extremely warm and friendly, which puts you at ease. Dr. Ruvo takes the time to explain what’s involved in your procedure, and exactly what to expect during your recovery. You’re also taught everything you need to do to have the best outcome. I would recommend Dr. Ruvo and his team to anyone!

- William F

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Patient Review By Emilie K

I had a complicated case and at every turn I was so impressed with Dr. Serlo and his team. They did an amazing job taking care of me. They explained everything to me (no surprises) and they did an incredible job during both procedures. They are a great team and I am so thankful for their expertise.

- Emilie K

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Patient Review By Donna K

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Serlo and Team at OMSA to anyone that is in need of dental surgery. Multiple locations offer access that is convenient from home or work in the Triangle. Office is well prepared for COVID prevention and I feel very safe in the reception and treatment areas. Staff are well practiced with masks; didn't have any trouble hearing or understanding.

- Donna K

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Patient Review By Fran R

Everyone was attentive and kind!

- Fran R

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