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5 out of 5 stars based on 140 reviews.

Patient Review By Lisa D

This group made me feel at ease and always put my needs first. Dr. Serlo made what would have been a bad experience a success! Thank you all so much for taking care of me.

- Lisa D

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Patient Review By Nina L

This was an easy experience with fine professionals.

- Nina L

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Patient Review By Bernadette S

Dr. Ruvo and staff gave me outstanding service. As a somewhat anxious dental patient my experience was very positive and one that will cause me to continue future dental procedure s with this this same dental team.

- Bernadette S

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Patient Review By Mary B

Dr ruvo is remarkably gifted in his surgical skill. I needed an extraction, sinus lift and implant. I was anxious and have a low tolerance for pain but he and his assistant were able to perform these procedures in two short visits using local anesthetic only! Post procedure pain was minimal! I only needed two advil 200 mg tablets first evening after surgery and never anything stronger. No complications! Feeling great! My highest recommendations!

- Mary B

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Patient Review By Joan M

Experience was positive. Had extraction and staff was very accommodating and understanding of my anxiety!

- Joan M

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Patient Review By S B

Everything was friendly and most professional. Dr. Ruvo was very caring and super concerned with every aspect of the lead-in, actual procedure and followup in the months following the implant surgery. I am very happy with the work done and the care I received.

- S B

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Patient Review By Jennifer A

Painless oral surgery. Very competent and compassionate

- Jennifer A

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Patient Review By Derrick D

Dr. Serlo 's outstanding professionalism was only exceeded by his compassion and genuine interest in my total well being.

- Derrick D

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Patient Review By Jeff K

Having this type of thing is never fun, but these folks make it way more pleasant than you would expect.

- Jeff K

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Patient Review By Sara T

Dr Serlo is an exceptional surgeon who shows attention detail and extreme concern for my comfort. I recommend him and his staff to take care of any dental surgical needs...great outcome!

- Sara T

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Patient Review By Jon W

Dr. Serlo is awesome and so are the results from the procedure. One other thing was totally astounding that has NEVER happened to me before with ANY health care provider in this our any other state I've lived in: He started ON TIME and was finished ON TIME. Go ahead, tell me any other health care provider you have ever had that experience with! - Jon W

- Jon W

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Patient Review By Deborah H

Dental surgery always sounds scary but this was remarkably easy! I definitely would recommend you guys to all my friends and family-in fact I have!

- Deborah H

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Patient Review By Dennis S

I was referred to Dr. Sacco by my general dentist in order to resolve two previously restored pre-molars that had deteriorated to the point that they had to be removed/replaced. I last dealt with Dr. S 11 years ago for my first extraction of a Wisdom tooth, which went very well. This time, I needed two more extractions, followed by my decision to replace the missing teeth with dental implants-- one in my upper jaw & one in my lower jaw on opposite side of my mouth. The estimated cost for this ambitious Treatment Plan was not inexpensive. However, considering the somewhat risky procedures involved and my goal of obtaining a functional outcome that would last me for the rest of my life, I was willing to incur the costs. Moreover, other aspects of my treatment plan served to justify the cost, including: • OMSA offers a 3% courtesy discount for any procedure that is paid up-front, in full. For an expensive plan like mine, this can make for sizeable savings. • Dr. S’s extensive knowledge-- compliments of her being jointly-degreed as a DDS & MD --is commensurate with the challenges that my complex needs presented. • Her office employs the latest technology (e.g. 3-D C-Scans) that enable a correct diagnosis and guide subsequent surgical interventions. • Dr. S’s many skills: Not only is she manually deft in executing local anesthesia, incisions, extractions, bone-grafting and suturing (which minimizes one’s time in the chair), but she has great “bedside manner.” I personally appreciated the soothing manner with which she informed me of what she was doing or accomplishing as she worked, but also her comfortable “one-way conversation” of sharing relevant & interesting information that served as a useful distraction & relaxation technique for me. The bottom line is that I have the utmost confidence in Dr. S and trust implicitly her recommendations & high-stakes procedures and treatment. It’s clear that my welfare was always paramount-- e.g. she was very amenable to “bundling” or maximizing some of my procedures per appointment, so as to minimize my exposure to radiation or the pre-operative antibiotics I have to take. Moreover, her practice’s Office Staff and all of her personal assistants are of the highest caliber. This includes my always having my questions answered. However, at the same time, I wish that the Practice would more routinely make available printed Homecare instructions, similar to what her office provided me in 2008. In closing, I wholeheartedly recommend OSMA and Dr. Sacco for anyone in need of competent & comprehensive care for complex dental needs.

- Dennis S

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Patient Review By Micheal P

I am very satisfied with the service I have received. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates provide high quality treatment and their staff is courageous and helpful.

- Micheal P

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Patient Review By Zane B

Had a very successful procedure & felt completely informed.

- Zane B

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Patient Review By Susie N

Great experience.

- Susie N

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Patient Review By Susan E

Over the last 4 years, Dr Ruvo removed all 4 wisdom teeth from each of my 3 grandchildren and now he has helped me with the dental implant as well. The entire experience from the first call to schedule to the final check up call could not have gone more smoothly. The staff, all of the staff, were friendly and supportive, as well as Dr Ruvo. I can't thank him enough!

- Susan E

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Patient Review By Heather A

I took my daughter Paige to Dr. Ruvo. He and his staff were wonderful! Paige had very little post - op sensitivity and it did not last long. I work in the dental field so I am familiar with extractions and the pain that goes along with extractions. He did an amazing job her ext site is healing beautifully. Thank you for taking such good care of Paige.

- Heather A

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Patient Review By Cheryl D

My son recently had upper jaw surgery performed by Dr Serlo.and assisted by Dr Saco. We are extremely happy with the surgery. We had been working towards this surgery for over a year, we had a delay due to my son's teeth not being exactly where they needed to be, so a few adjustments from the Orthodontist and we were ready for surgery. Dr Serlo was very supportive to us when we had that delay we were frustrated ,he assured us that waiting for better alignment was what was needed. Dr Serlo was supportive post op also making sure my son was doing what was necessary for recovery after his release from the hospital . He was always available if we needed him by cellphone and checked in on him a few days after surgery on the weekend to insure he was progressing well.All of the staff at the practice are extremely friendly and so very helpful, any time I called or emailed with a question I had an answer very quickly. Stephanie was the assistant that worked with us at every visit , it was nice to have the same person working with Dr Serlo at each appointment, it felt like we were all on this journey to surgery together. She was always helpful and told us what to expect with each visit. Becky is in charge of insurance and she was amazing. Our insurance had denied us originally which Dr Serlo told us would happen but Becky follows up and appealed our case and got us approved. She was very informative about what to expect from billing and easy to reach when ever I had a question. All the staff was amazing. We just had our 6 week check and we are so happy with the whole process and my son can't stop smiling, he is so happy with his new smile. I would recommend anyone that needs Jaw surgery to see Dr Serlo & OMSA.

- Cheryl D

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Patient Review By Camille H

I have been very satisfied with this process. Dr. Serlo answered all of my questions prior to and after the surgery; he phoned me twice following the surgery to check in; and he prepared me for the pre and post experience so that there were no surprises. Scheduling follow up appointments has been easy and convenient. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff and the expert care provided by Dr. Serlo.

- Camille H

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